Do You Recognize This Man?

As the 20th century was unfolding, the South was experiencing devastating crop losses of their cotton because of the infestation of the boll weevil. Plus, farmers had depleted the nutrients in the soil from planting cotton year after year.

This brilliant scientist introduced to the farmers the idea of crop rotation and suggested the farmers plant peanuts. The rotation idea began reviving the soil. The planting of the peanuts didn’t revive the economy because it seemed there was not market for peanuts. Tons of peanuts sat rotting in warehouses. When this great scientist was made aware of what was happening he did what was a regular habit of his, he took a long walk- at 4am - and had a long talk with God.

The conversation he had with God went something like this (I’m paraphrasing and shortening for content). “God, why did you make the  universe?” God said, “Ask for something more in proportion to your little mind.”

 “Ok,” the man said, “why did you make the earth?” God said, “You need to ask for something more in proportion to your little mind.”

The man said, “Ok, why did you make man?” God answered, “That’s still too much for your little mind.”

Undeterred, the man asked, “Why did you make plants?” God’s reply was the same, “Still far too much for your little mind.”

Gently the man asked God, “Why did you make the peanut?” This time God gave a different answer. “I will grant you the unfolding of the mystery of the peanut. Take it to your laboratory and separate it into water, fats, gums, resins, sugars, starches, and amino acids. Then combine these under My three laws of compatibility, temperature, and pressure. Then you will know why I made the peanut.”

The man did and in 1921 he was given 10 minutes to testify before the House Ways and Means Committee on behalf of the Peanut Association of America. 1 hour and 40 minutes later, the HWMC told him he could come back whenever he wanted and take as much time as he needed because of all the ingenious uses he revealed about the peanut… “everything from glue to shaving cream to soap to insecticide to cosmetics to wood stains to fertilizer to linoleum to Worcestershire sauce”[1] are just some of the things that can be made from a peanut. Next time you use one of these products remember that “all of those things trace back to a man who had the habit of praying at 4:00am every morning.”

The man? George Washington Carver.

By praying George discovered what God wanted to do through him.  “If we hit our knees, the Holy Spirit will do the heavy lifting. If we hit our knees, the Holy Spirit will reveal things that can only be discovered in the presence of God.”[2] If we hit our knees, the Holy Spirit will give us God-ideas for our family, our lives, our church, our future, our kids, our grandkids, our health, our finances, our purpose, our plans. 

Until Next Time,

Pastor Jimmy 

[1] Draw the Circle – The 40 Day Prayer Challenge by Mark Batterson, p.54

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